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Your Inner Guidance, The Path to Discovering Your True Happiness


This book is a wonderful and fascinating take on finding peace, happiness and fulfillment. Readers will appreciate the knowledgable and timeless wisdom shared in this book. I also think that many readers, especially those who struggle with the idea of religion, will feel comfortable with the concept of connecting with an inner voice for guidance.


Judge, 29th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards 2021




Throughout this book, readers are encouraged to connect their own inner voice for wisdom and guidance. The words Paul shares in this, his first book, come from a deep place within his consciousness and the larger consciousness we can all access but rarely do.


There’s a lot of compassion as well as inspiration that is grounded into practical applications of the wisdom shared. Your Inner Guidance can be read straight-through or the book could be opened at random for a simple dipping-in during the day or for a morning focus or the basis of meditation or journaling. No matter how you use this book, I suspect you’ll find yourself visiting it more than once.


Krysta Gibson, Publisher New Spirit Journal, 4/12/21




Author Paul Hudon, was an unlikely person to write a book. Trained as a carpenter he jokes that he couldn’t wait to get through English to get the wood shop in high school. But when he began hearing his inner voice and listening to its message he had to put it in writing, not just for himself but to share with others.


Chapters are written in and answer format, as if the author was in the interviewing his inner guide. Readers of self-help literature have heard about these topics before but perhaps in a different way. “Your Inner Guidance” may offer something new and will certainly provide reinforcement to what you have already learned.


Arlene Shovald, The Mountain Guide 4/7/21

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