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My Journey


My journey began when I was seeking a deeper connection to my work as a carpenter. I was working on cool projects for great clients, but I had no emotional connection to what I was doing. This made me feel empty, as if I was giving of myself, but I was not getting much in return emotionally.

This is when I started to get back into writing in my journal. I also went to the library to find books that would help me find the connection I was seeking. With every page I read, and every page I wrote I realized what I was seeking from the outside world could only be found within me. Along with this I began to meditate.

With each new book I read came new questions; as I continued to read these questions went unanswered. I begin to ask these questions in my meditations, thinking that surely, I would stumble upon the answers If I asked in my meditation.


One morning as I was writing in my journal, I paused to see if I could hear an answer to the question I had just written, when I heard a voice answering my question. At first, I thought it was just my mind speaking, then I noticed something I hadn’t experienced before, a flood of love that affected me deeply. The more questions I wrote, the more loving answers I received, and the stronger I felt the feeling of this love.


It took me a few months of listening and writing to learn to trust this voice, which I now call my Inner Voice. The one thing that always stood out was the tremendous love I felt every time I wrote and listened for the loving voice.


Imagine writing a verbal conversation as it is happening, this is the way it happens for me. When I ask a question, I receive an answer, if I make a comment, I receive a response. If at first, I don’t understand the answer a thorough explanation is given so I have a full understanding of the answer.


Where does this voice come from? I do not know, but I know it only speaks words of love, kindness and compassion. This voice never advises a thought, word or action that would cause harm to myself, or another being on the planet.


One morning while writing in my journal my Inner Voice advised me that we would write a book together. This surprised me, as I had never thought of writing a book. In school, English was a subject to get through so I could get to wood shop. I was reassured that if I could write our conversations as easily as I do every day, then writing a book would flow smoothly.


My journey to find a deeper connection led me to write the book I was looking for when I began my quest for more connection. I started writing my first book in the January of 2017. The title of it is, Your Inner Guidance, The Path to Discovering Your True Happiness. When I finished, I started writing my second book tentatively titled, A Complete Life.


My conversations and writing continue to this day. I share many of them on my blog, weekly email newsletter, and the column articles I write for two online magazines. I do so because what I have learned through my conversations with my Inner Voice has changed  my life for the better. I have heard from readers that these articles help them along their journey as well.


Have I reached a place of more connection? Definitely. I feel a tremendous amount of love for myself and those in my life. I have shifted my focus away from finding true happiness in the physical world to one of finding happiness within myself. Is it possible for you to find your connection, with your inner happiness? Absolutely!



Now Available


The Path to Discovering Your True Happiness

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Just Released

Have you ever doubted yourself, unsure if your current course of action is right for you? Does the constant stream of negative self-talk prevent you from pursuing a passion, living your best life, or loving yourself unconditionally?


Your Inner Guidance assists you in looking beyond these powerful false beliefs so you can recognize the truth of who you are. A truth originating from a source of love found deep within you.


Your Inner Guidance guides you through love, kindness, and compassion as you begin the journey of self-discovery. A journey that will lead you to knowing what makes you truly happy, and the courage to create a life from this happiness.


Spiritual author Paul Hudon reveals the way and asks you, the reader – are you courageous enough to follow Your Inner Guidance?

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There's a depth to Paul's writing that's both inspirational and confrontational. Inspirational because the thoughts he conveys encourage readers to reach higher and become their best selves. Confrontational because readers might not always want to read the words he writes. Paul mines his inner world and shares his wisdom with the rest of us and we’re all the better because he does.


Over the years I have seen a lot of writers’ work, and without exception Paul Hudon’s writing is always fresh and inspiring.  It’s a pleasure to work with him and read the way he chooses to connect with his audience.


The wisdom of Paul's own inner voice has had an immense impact on my ability to listen and to trust my own inner guidance. His writing provides the framework for deep conversations with my wife, and the journey of self-discovery has had an immeasurable influence on relationships beyond myself, including my journey of fatherhood. I have grown filled with gratitude for so many elements of my life, not in the least of which has been Paul's writings and teachings.





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