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     The Path to Discovering      Your True Happiness

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Have you ever doubted yourself, unsure if your current course of action is right for you? Does the constant stream of negative self-talk prevent you from pursuing a passion, living your best life, or loving yourself unconditionally?


Your Inner Guidance assists you in looking beyond these powerful false beliefs so you can recognize the truth of who you are. A truth originating from a source of love found deep within you.


Your Inner Guidance guides you through love, kindness, and compassion as you begin the journey of self-discovery. A journey that will lead you to knowing what makes you truly happy, and the courage to create a life from this happiness.


Spiritual author Paul Hudon reveals the way and asks you, the reader – are you courageous enough to follow Your Inner Guidance?

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         A Complete Life,
Discovering Your Authentic Self          



As you read A Complete Life, Discovering Your Authentic Self you will…


Learn how self-judgement and self-doubt prevent you from living to the fullness of who you are


Recognize why the opinions of others keep you from following your dreams


Stop settling for less by discovering your false beliefs


Find the courage to acknowledge that you are always doing the best you can


Shift your life in a positive direction by accepting yourself for who you truly are


A Complete Life, Discovering Your Authentic Self shares solutions to help you move beyond unhealthy emotional patterns, thereby creating a life founded on self-love, inner truth, and authenticity.

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Book no.2
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