The Path to DiscoveringYour                  True Happiness

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Have you ever doubted yourself, unsure if your current course of action is right for you? Does the constant stream of negative self-talk prevent you from pursuing a passion, living your best life, or loving yourself unconditionally?


Your Inner Guidance assists you in looking beyond these powerful false beliefs so you can recognize the truth of who you are. A truth originating from a source of love found deep within you.


Your Inner Guidance guides you through love, kindness, and compassion as you begin the journey of self-discovery. A journey that will lead you to knowing what makes you truly happy, and the courage to create a life from this happiness.


Spiritual author Paul Hudon reveals the way and asks you, the reader – are you courageous enough to follow Your Inner Guidance?

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           A Complete Life,

    Discovering Your Authentic Self

In this book we explore new subjects that are not commonly discussed when it comes to living a complete life.

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